Social Media and Modern Travel

Modern Traveller

It is not a secret that Social Media has shaped our daily lives in radical ways, and this applies to the modern travel industry in a special way.

Therefore, these days we can’t consider our lives without social networks, and the travel industry is very much aware of the advantages they offer.


Nowadays, the travel industry has become a massive and affordable business, thanks to the technological advances and instant communication tools.
Is social media an effective way to promote travel and get more customers? Apparently, it is; real-time information, influencers and user-generated content are playing a capital role in modern travel.
Clearly, travel content and social media are inseparable now: millennials use the latter to find inspiration and as a decision-making tool.

Millennial Travel Trends - The How, What, Where, When and Why


It has been a long way since mass tourism became fashionable in the 19th century. Let`s take a look at its origin and evolution.
Today, modern day travel is shaped by algorithms and artificial intelligence.
For example, Trip Advisor (considered the most successful online travel forum) offers valuable sentiment information to marketers and data analysts.
Moreover, smart travel content guides are taking the game to the next level by relying on personalized algorithms that ease the access to hotels, restaurants, maps, and leisure activities.
In fact, traditional segmentation does not apply to travel market in social media, because the multitraveller figure has emerged as a new type of consumer.
Furthermore, there are new patterns and interests in the market: low-cost prevalence, new technical advancements and reviews are shaping the new travel market.


Indeed, all this sounds very appealing, doesn’t it? However, a strategy must be put in place to achieve results.
Here are some practical ideas to explore:
  • Brand awareness: by using social media ads and remarketing tools, it’s possible to target customers in different stages of the sales funnel.
  • Branded hashtags: inviting the audience to start conversations by using a specific hashtag is a good way to maximize the marketing effortsInfographic: The Most Hashtagged Cities On Instagram | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista
  • Promoting engagement: an excellent way to connect with audiences by creating surveys, hosting contests, asking questions, and replying to comments.
  • Optimized customer service: monitoring mentions and quick responses is the way to go.
  • User-generated content: photos and videos shared by travellers are a great source of inspiration.
  • Travel Communities: sharing similar interests is ideal to discover new travel niches.
  • Mobile first: By 2019, mobile will be the source of 46% of travel sales.

Sources: Olapic/ Ashley Sisk

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