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As 2018 is coming to an end (it was a very fruitful year), we are all excited about the novelties and challenges that 2019 will bring along.

Leaving aside some crisis and disappointments, this year had a lot to offer (like video marketing and artificial intelligence tools). Nevertheless, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming trends.



Let’s take a peek at some of the most remarkable features and trends to consider in 2019 regarding social media and digital marketing:

1. CEOs will become social: nowadays, more transparency is required from them in order to connect with the audiences.
2. Dynamic ads on the rise: for instance, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads is a remarkable example of this trend.
3. Ephemeral content is still a thing: features like Instagram Stories have proven to be a success.
4. Dark social is important: as more content is shared privately, we must consider effective ways to track results.
5. Content marketing is the most effective marketing: in fact, it’s not a marginal phenomenon any more as it encourages two-way conversations and more engaging relationships with customers.
6. Implementing the right strategy is a must: in other words, no marketing project is complete without proper goal setting and the right tools to elaborate a comprehensive strategy.
7. Customers become an important part of the success equation: as a result, they will help to get the most value from products and services.
8. More engagement and less transactional relationships: actually, it’s time to focus on post-sale services to get better long-term results and recommendations from the customers.
9. Effective content distribution should be emphasized as part of a general strategy (online and offline).
10. Live video and video ads use will keep growing.
11. Voice assistants are here to stay: although they were already popular, we will definitely see an increase in their use.
12. As for Augmented Reality: new features will be included in the Social Media platforms, like Snap Originals.

Sources: Inc./ Forbes




Since Generation Z is overtaking the Millennials, we’ll see a shift in the social networks, apps and platforms. In other words, it’s time to consider new options:

  • Tik Tok: ideal for content creators, in fact, this mobile video app tops the ranking of social media downloads now.
  • House Party: live chat group video with more than one million users. Specifically, it’s good for getting audience insights and partnering with influencers.
  • Vero: ideal for sharing any type of content in order to achieve organic reach.
  • Steemit: A platform that runs on blockchain and uses cryptocurrency (STEEM).  In addition, the users get rewarded by upvoting and curating content.
  • Kik: it is focused on instant messaging; also bot friendly and with its own cryptocurrency (Kin).

Sources: Marketo/ SMSS Blog



Indeed, keeping up with the changes is often a difficult task, so, it’s important to be in the right place at the right time.

Certainly, there will be many events and conferences hosted in every corner of the world, therefore, 2019 will give us the chance to network and get updated.

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