≈October is Welcome in Benalmádena≈

Here I am again, saying goodbye to the summer. Let me introduce my hometown (where I’ve been living for the last ten years): Benalmádena, located in the Málaga province (Spain).

The municipality consists of three urban areas: Benalmádena pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmádena Costa.

Benalmádena is part of the “Costa del Sol”. The term was born in the late 50’s/ beginning of 60’s as global denomination of the the coastal cities in Malaga. Benalmádena was an early adopter on the tourism matter thanks to its location, in the vicinity of the most attractive destination at the time: Torremolinos.

A lot has happened since then in the area (both good and bad).We still enjoy the seaside and the warm weather for most of the year. Also, the lifestyle is affordable and laid back in general. The trouble mainly comes from the recent financial setbacks and some political uncertainty.

Anyway, I have chosen to focus on the positive right now. We are almost half way through the month of October and still enjoying the sun. Let me give you some eye treats (the photos were taken two days ago):

Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain

Bulevar Antonio Andrade, Arroyo de la Miel.

La Paloma Park in Benalmádena

La Paloma Park Views

La Paloma Park, Benalmádena, Spain

Animals in La Paloma Park

Trees in La Paloma Park, Costa del Sol

Golden Leaves in La Paloma Park


Windmills in Benalmádena

Windmills by the Seaside


Sunny Autumn in Benalmádena Seaside

Beautiful Beach, Costa del Sol

Benalmádena Beaches, Costa del Sol

Sunny October at the Beach in Benalmádena


Puerto Marina's Entrance

Puerto Marina’s Access

Sunny Day in Puerto Marina, Benalmádena

Puerto Marina’s Views


At present, it’s still possible to go to the beach, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities like trekking (it doesn’t rain a lot here).

I f you would like to learn more on the history and features of the town, check here.

As for the accommodation, I would definitely advise Sunset Beach Club, especially if you have kids.

Take care!






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