2017 E-Commerce

E-Commerce in 2017

 E-Commerce is on the rise. Today, it is inconceivable not having access to goods and services online, selling on the internet has become the norm for every business (big or small).


We can trace back the primitive e-commerce to the 1960’s when some businesses carried out transactions using rudimentary networks via Electronic Data Interchange.

Michael Aldrich, a British entrepreneur, created the first electronic shopping device by connecting a television set to a computer in 1979. The invention was a success, although it was mainly sold as a B2B solution throughout the 1980’s.

Another precursor was the Minitel system in France, that was still in use in the 2000’s.

The implementation of the world wide web was a turning point, as the net could be used for commercial purposes from 1991 onwards. The SSL encryption protocol did the rest by providing the safety required for online transactions.



Net Market was the first online retailer to complete a sale on the internet in 1994.

Not long after, Amazon started to sell books online and eBay made the auction system popular. Google Shopping and Yahoo! Auction soon followed them.

One of the major achievements in the online business development was the creation of PayPal. Initially funded as Confinity in 1998, the popular payment platform merged with X.com (online banking) to become PayPal in 2001. It’s still leading the industry today, but we have many other alternatives in 2017.


Just to get an idea of how far we have come, look at this graphic.



In the past, E-commerce used to be a geeky thing but not anymore; there are so many platforms and systems available in the market that the possibilities are infinite…

Prestashop: open source free software.

Shopify: e-commerce platform.

WooCommerce: plugin specially designed for WordPress.

Etsy: the marketplace for creative people.

Weebly: all-in-one business platform.

Nevertheless, the next big E-commerce revolution will likely be led by the blockchain technology paired with IoT solutions. Click To Tweet


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