Winter 2017

One of my favourites in winter

Winter seems inevitable, long and boring. Although I live in a warm area with mild winters (and some occasional floods), the colder months are a bit of a challenge for me too.

If we decide to go for a positive mindset, the season is perfect for planning, studying and testing before the arrival of spring routines.

We have plenty of time to go through all the different aspects of our life with some critical perspective.

  • HOME

    Home Interior

    Feel good at home

    Prep up your home by getting rid of the old, worn out and useless stuff. I keep all the practical ideas in Pinterest. Furthermore, this year I’ll be exploring Marie Kondo‘s zen approach to wellbeing…but if you’re a rebel, try this instead.


    Beauty Tps

    Beauty is a state of mind

    Perfect timing for skincare, relax and meditation. For a new skin (before spring arrives) try the Skin Regime by Dana Ramos, you will be surprised by the results. Another great source for natural care and homemade recipes is Tips Bulletin. If you decide to go for healthier eating habits and some form of exercise (both yoga and pilates are great), you’ll be ready for the change of season when it comes.



    Enjoy your fireplace, lucky you!

    In order to keep your house or apartment warm in winter, use these tips and tricks: check your general insulation, keep your blinds and curtains shut, invest in eco-friendly heating systems like Econo-Heat and pellet stoves (enjoy your fireplace if you have one).

    Find more useful ideas for combating the cold weather via Lifehacker.


    Online Studies

    Study from your laptop

    Cold, dark and long days ahead…but we can still find some meaning and joy in life. Reading and studying are a great way to enjoy your spare time. Sites like Coursera and ECO Project are full of resources. If you love languages, Duolingo and Busuu are very entertaining. And…what about your photography skills? Can you give them a boost?


    Catch up with movies and TV shows. Join new meetups in your area. Become a volunteer. Explore your surroundings with new eyes.

    Keep warm and stay cool 😉

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