Christmas Is Upon Us

Christmas Marketing Survival

 Christmas is upon us (again). And it’s a very stressing time for marketing professionals. Not only it has to be profitable but also meaningful, festive, and inspirational.

In this post, I want to shed some light on the challenges, purposes, and marketing ideas for this time of the year.


Christmas is still one of the biggest shopping occasions, although the amount of shopping spree seems to be increasing every year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more to come).

 This celebration is more about hanging out and having fun: eating, drinking and being merry together.



For other (less sociable) members of the society, it’s the perfect time to leave the routines behind and disconnect. Christmas breaks are perfect, but there are other possibilities out there.

Just remember, it’s still possible to be helpful without being intrusive.

Love it or hate it but this is trending:


Bold is beautiful in 2017. More on this here:


For the non-traditional:




First, plan and get organized to minimize risks of getting overwhelmed with responsibilities: content calendars are essential. Or even better, treat yourself to some creative tools that will make work routines more appealing.

Social media automation platforms are the best solution for this busy time of the year and Christmas email marketing is still going strong.

Hint for digital marketers and social media professionals: you can have fun too.

As not everyone enjoys the traditional office parties (I don’t), maybe it’s time to explore other possibilities like hosting a workshop for your co-workers and employees.

While we wait for the big days, there are activities for the kids.

As for the retail business, see some inventive campaigns below:

·       Restaurants: keeping the basics in mind while trying a more festive approach.

·       Real Estate: send some love to your customers.

·       Hotels: Being friendly and doing your best to leave a lasting impression.

·       Shops: relying on visual and imaginative displays is the way to go.



Yes, both pre-Christmas and post-Christmas sales exist (and we should take them into account).

The notorious Green Monday is on the way (just in case the other shopping days were missed). It’s the final stop for the last-minute shoppers.

When the celebrations are over, it’s the perfect time to promote clearance sales and end of season deals before the spring (and new stocks) arrive.


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