Travel Blogs Tips 2017

Get ready for blogging while you travel.

Travel blogs have become a category on their own. The first bloggers that invested their efforts in this trend are content authorities and influencers now.

It’s not surprising this valuable niche is still growing and evolving, let’s look at some of the coolest travel blogs out there:

  • Damon and Jo: Polyglots and YouTube stars that started from nothing. Their blog Shut Up and Go is full of great advice (from language learning to accommodation tips).
  • Johnny Jet: He started sharing his adventures back in 1995. His site is considered one of the top money-saving websites for travellers in the world.
  • The Planet D: this charismatic couple has been travelling for 8 years. Their website is a great source of motivational inspiration.
  • Kate McCulley: she is better known as Adventurous Kate and her blog focuses on female solo travelling.
  • Eric Stoen: He specializes in family trips. Find out more about him in Travel Babbo.

Of course, there are many others, this is just an example of how wide and exciting the travelling concept is.

Here I leave a list of some good themes for this purpose.

  • MyThemeShop: (my personal choice) plenty of good material here, both free and premium (I would go for the premium as they often regular discounts), plus they have a great technical support team.
  • Elegant Themes: professional and polished. See some examples here.
  • Forest themes: a classic, clean design and easy to manage. Good for beginners. Check them out.


The general blogging rules apply, with some extra specifications:

  • Find your travelling niche, spend some time researching before taking the first step.
  • Originality is the key, there are many other travellers in the blogosphere. Try your best to offer a new and refreshing point of view: Luxury vs low-cost? Adventure challenges? Or maybe advice for senior travellers…
  • Keep surprising and entertaining your audiences by adding new resources.
  • Engagement is very important, interact with your followers by sharing your updates frequently, therefore, social networks are perfect for this purpose (Pinterest and Instagram are a must).
  • Quality is essential. Invest some time and money into making things look professional. It’s better to post less frequently if that means offering better content.
  • Joining travel forums and communities is advisable.
  • Vlogging is appealing, although it’s not for everyone.


As already stated, finding a good niche is fundamental to the success of the enterprise.

But no matter how good the content is, no magic will happen without refining it.

Getting familiar with SEO is as necessary for travel bloggers as for any other content creator.

Also, keep in mind there are plenty of SEO tools available to try for free before getting committed.

I would recommend Market Samurai and Keyword Researcher for this purpose, easy to use and with great video tutorials.

Find some extra advice here.


This is one of the key factors of the travel blogging success. Top quality pictures will help to spread the content.

Investing in a good camera will be worth eventually. As for the ones who self-doubt their abilities, graphic design and edition courses will do the trick. There are affordable and easy to join online courses in platforms like Udemy and Crehana.

In addition, you can learn from the masters too.

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