Growth hacking has become a trend on its own. This is an inventive solution for entrepreneurs and start-ups with limited budgets. Also, it provides a refreshing perspective that bring things to life in a uniform (and sometimes boring) landscape.


Sean Ellis first used the term back in 2010. It refers to professionals (from different backgrounds) whose aim is promoting scalable growth while testing new techniques.

Briefly, growth hacking is a marketing technique based mainly on creativity, organic reach, social media, and analytics. Click To Tweet

 Growth hackers, in general, have a deeper technical understanding of the product.

As usual, not everyone agrees on the importance of growth hacking. Anyway, it’s still worthy to check some of the most innovative techniques created.

Keys and techniques: Some insights for 2017.

The competition is fierce out there, and increasing your brand awareness is not enough to retain the customers. Look at some updated ideas and new techniques to make the most of your brand.

If you are lucky enough, bear in mind the Growth Hackers Conference 2017 is imminent.


The companies mentioned below are a good example of successful growth hacking strategy.

  • Dropbox used a clever incentive: a referral program to increase their signups by 60%, just by making the link sharing process super-easy and offering extra storage to their users.
  • AirBnB cross posting via Craigslist increased their visibility and provided valuable back-links in the early stages of the company. Their strategy worked until Craigslist’s code was changed to stop the unsolicited posting.
  • Duolingo’s innovative business model is sustained by three pillars: creating and maintaining collaborative teams, building a solid product, and improving retention among the users. Learn more here.

There are many others, big and small, that have made the most of their resources. What about you?


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