≈Holiday Season is Around the Corner≈

As weeks go by we’re quickly approaching the winter and the holiday season.

Before Christmas, we’ll make a stop at Halloween: most kids (and goths at heart) favourite day.



How to Make the Most of the Halloween Celebration

The modern celebration is connected the original Samhain festival, a pagan tradition that celebrated the end of the Celtic summer.

It was later bonded to the christian All Saints’ Day, and reshaped by the 20th century modern marketing.

Nowadays, we celebrate it all around the world with some additions of local culture.

It’s the perfect occasion for friends, families (and marketers) to gather together and celebrate the beginning of the festive season.

Here I’ll leave some practical ideas for you to explore:



Halloween Trees are Trending. Photo by Ed Ivanushkin, CC BY 2.0.


Halloween Social Media

Halloween and Social Media Come Together


Adult Costume Halloween

Costumes in Halloween


Creepy Horror

Horror Movies Season

  • Enjoy fantasy and horror themed movie festivals (online and offline).




Halloween for Kids

Be Like a Kid.

  • Most important: always remember to channel your inner child. Have fun!







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