As already anticipated in 2016, live streaming is a big thing now with all the social networks promoting it. Nevertheless, it might seem intimidating if you haven’t had previous experience with it.


    As in other devices (TV, radio), the basic technology behind streaming consists of decoding and displaying the information (data) sent from a server. The data is decoded by a player or plugin integrated into the browser or app.

    Clearly, the live video demand is increasing, and the different service providers are relying on the content delivery networks (streamed files are hosted in the cloud and delivered from the nearest server). Learn more here.

    Infographic: Online Video Boom Leads to Surge in Data Traffic | Statista
    You will find more related statistics at Statista

    Live streaming is internet content delivered in real time. Click To Tweet


We all know the most popular services like Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

In case you need more professional results, there are many other services available like Dacast, Ustream, Cameleon and WirecastGo.

Furthermore, live streaming platforms are very suitable for educational purposes.


This seems the difficult part. How can we implement a good strategy for our live streaming?

Take a deep breath and bear with me, it’s a step by step process:

  1. Do some previous research on the topic you’ll be talking about: sites like Google Trends and Answer the Public are a good starting point for finding a suitable subject.
  2. Craft your title and script carefully and schedule it the right way: you can rely on tools like Zapier for automation.
  3. Make sure the technical part is covered: battery ready, good lighting, reliable internet connection and proper camera setup. Headphones and mic come handy if the environment is noisy.
  4. Be ready to interact with your audience.
  5. Study and measure the results.

Source: blogsaays.com

Marketers have taken advantage of this new trend with memorable initiatives: Turkish Airlines and Mr. Robot TV show campaigns are great examples of this trend.


Beyond the professional uses, streaming is becoming part of our daily lives too: Facebook (among other platforms) has been doing a great promotional job.

What about you? Are you ready for the streaming revolution?



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