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New year, new life; or at least, this is what we hear all the time. As usual, improving productivity is always on the To-Do list.

I wish to be honest with myself this year and find a real sense of purpose in my life (while sharing my point of view with others).

Every January, we intend to start anew by making long lists of objectives that are seldom accomplished. Moreover, our goals seem to be larger than life, but daily routine feels like a killer, dragging us down too often.




In other words: how to find a realistic approach to efficient and satisfying work.

I’ve been through this myself: when starting a new project everything feels fresh and colourful, but after some time, the colours fade out and the once interesting chores start to feel like a burden. Little by little, we lose focus and start to procrastinate…and making unattainable lists doesn’t help.

Chaos will be established in no time and that will be hard to beat.

It’s even harder for solopreneurs and home-based workers as we spend long hours without company.





Here, I leave some basic keys to find balance and motivation in your daily work.

1.      Cut down on unnecessary distractions. This is the most important step. FOMO and infoxication are becoming a plague. We spend long hours on the internet but checking social media feeds or messaging apps every now and then is not productive.


2.     Focus and start small. Trying to achieve too many things at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Pick one or two new skills and see how it goes.


3.     Find real motivation. As humans, we rely on our emotions. Finding a deeper meaning in our actions is essential to our mental health.


4.     Try new methodologies. The internet has become a massive learning platform. Invest some time in finding good courses and keeping up in the simplest possible way.


5.     Take it easy. Nowadays, we live our lives at a faster pace, but we still have friends and family, keep that in mind.


6.     Choose a healthy lifestyle. Organic food, sports and contact with nature are not a luxury, honour yourself.


7.     Once you find a good routine, stick to it.


Extra hint: find the best tools and invest time and money if required, it will pay off.

Source: modgirlmarketing.com


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Today is a good day to begin your life project, remain open to experiment and share your results with others (it will reinforce the sense of accomplishment and it might help them too).












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