Christmas 2018

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The festive season has already started, and we are now heading to Christmas. As usual, this is a challenging time of the year (especially for marketers), so we must make the most of our talents if we want to succeed in engaging the audiences.

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When it comes to Christmas, the best marketing approach is probably a multi-layered one. In any case, it would be wise to start the preparations as early as possible (ideally in summer).
E-mail marketing, social media, blogs, discounts, promotions and gift cards are some of the elements we can use for our marketing strategy.

There are some previous steps to be taken before creating any campaign:

Checking trends and social media listening: the Christmas trend usually starts to become popular in October.
Surveys and market research: to know what your audiences are interested in, it’s advisable to do simple studies.
Watching the competitors: we can keep an eye on them by getting subscribed to their newsletters.
Selecting adequate channels: social media and blogging, as well as content marketing, are potent tools that can increase your web traffic and generate new leads.

With all these previous steps in mind, it’s time to start crafting the ideal campaign by choosing the right theme and message, mainly focusing in seasonal offers and promotions (it’s essential to take in account other events too, like Black Friday). Once we decide it, it’s time to tackle the creative part, without forgetting the customer experience.

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It’s 2018, and the audiences are smart and savvy. If we want to get their attention, we must be original, creative and engaging. Let’s look at the newest trends and some exciting campaigns.

The emotional: Ikea

The experiential: KLM

The environmental: Iceland




Here are some creative ideas for the different type of businesses.



Cash cards and ATM giveaways, “skip a payment” promotions, holiday loans, sponsorships and donations are some of the most popular marketing ideas for financial companies.

Beauty Salons:

Using promotional materials, gift cards, seasonal offers and some local business networking will help to boost sales. As for Social Media, it’s advisable to try and test what kind of content works better before launching any campaign (starting in October). Press advertising, although more expensive, can be a good investment too.


Christmas is that particular time of the year when sharing is encouraged. Therefore it’s very suitable for any charity campaign. It’s recommended to try a combination of two or three different ideas: themed parties, storytelling, gift wrapping and decoration services and Christmas cards design are some feasible ways to raise funds. It is essential to implement a system that allows online donations.

Estate Agents:

It’s the perfect time to reconnect with clients and subscribers, by sending them greetings and organising social media contests (like best Christmas decoration photo). Celebrating a themed networking event among the local community can improve engagement.


The festive season is ideal for hosting themed parties and events. In the online area, e-mail campaigns work very well, as well as social media contests and some Christmas customisation in the websites.


Focusing on discounts and promotions (like special menus and cocktails), festive decoration, holding charity events, parties and contests.

Online Business:

It’s advisable to start planning early and take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to increase brand awareness and get new leads. Using emotional marketing, customised packaging and PPC campaigns adapted to the season as well as festive imagery (in the web and social channels) will bring more revenue.


Creating a visually attractive window display is a must. Other exciting ideas are pre-Christmas sales, special events and proximity marketing.

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